Taurus media africa brings a lot of thought as many confuse it for the kenya firm “Taurus Musik”. Taurus media is a media house of business and entertainment from product advertising to publicity and music promotion.

Well aside that the rapidly growing firm is making dreams comses true for artists that have awaited their shine for too long. Taurus media africa co-boss Dumelo Nthambezi revealed new artists they have signed to promote in their HOT muSic group.

We believe the 6 artists are worth the pick. Its a combination of hip hop artists, afrobeat, rnb and soul. As earlier announced by taurus admin that they wish to take zambian music to the next level “maybe this is it”.

The lists of the HOTMG artists is as follows:

Skunky Oocmc
Ms Roxy Jonez
Exquizite Vybez
Princess Jazzzz
Slick Uno
Joe Braxxy

Congratulations to these guys we wish them all the best!!

Follow as on twitter @afrochoonez. For adverts and general enquiry email us at

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