Back in 2005, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg oddly mistook 50 Cent to be the head of Business Development and Sales at Facebook.

Due to a picture that Kevin Colleran, the real head of Business Development and Sales, took with 50 Cent, Zuckerberg confused the two men’s identities. The confusion came when co-founder Eduardo Saverin was replaced by Kevin for that particular position.

Zuckerberg’s book, The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting The World,” related the case of mistaken identity, and Zuckerberg finally realizing who Kevin really was.

Zuckerberg arranged to meet Colleran in front of the Virgin Megastore on New York’s Union Square. Colleran showed up late and was walking toward Zuckerberg when he got a phone call from his new boss.

‘Where are you?’ Zuckerberg asked. ‘Zuck! I’m right in front of you!’ Colleran replied. Zuckerberg looked crestfallen. He thought The facebook’s ad salesman was the tough-looking Black guy in the profile photo.”

50 Cent was already very famous at that time, with over 8 million records sold and his debut album, “Get Rich Or Die Trying,” was still highly popular on the market. Maybe Zuckerberg simply never heard “Many Men,” “Don’t Push Me,” or “In Da Club” before then.

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