Prophet T.B. Joshua has responded to a controversial online article suggesting he was the mastermind behind the release of Major Al-Mustapha.

Online Nigerian media house Sahara
Reporters had released an article titled
‘Pastor T.B. Joshua Revealed As Man Behind Al-Mustapha’s Release’ which quoted an anonymous source identifying Joshua as the person who told Goodluck Jonathan that his political fortune in 2015 rested with setting Al Mustapha free alongside brings James Ibori back to Nigeria.

“This article is from the enemy,” the Nigerian cleric fumed via a statement on his official Facebook page, followed by close to 750,000 people.

“They should not drag me into the issue of politics. If I was ever to go to Aso Rock, I would go publicly. I have already told. you how I met Al-Mustapha. Don’t put words in my mouth.”

After Al-Mustapha’s release last week, his first port of call was to Prophet T.B. Joshua whom Mustapha later described upon his triumphant arrival in Kano as an ‘old friend’.

Joshua had immediately granted an interview following Mustapha’s visit, explaining that he met Mustapha following his wrongful imprisonment by the NDLEA and had prophesied to him about his long prison sentence and eventual release.

“It is therefore very malicious for Sahara Reporters to attach any political meanings to Al-Mustapha’s visit,” T.B. Joshua continued,denying that he had any involvement in Al- Mustapha’s release. “Count me out of the politics of hatred.”

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