Dreams Judges

The stage has been set for all dreamers to return to the biggest talent competition in Zambian history. After filming of season 2 auditions Dreams is ready to hit the airwaves and this time competition is really on as this time dreamers will be competing for a record deal with Sony Records.

Packed with a new set of judges, Rob, Mutinta and Cactus, the shows creators exclaimed how exciting and overwhelming this years auditions were. After rigorous judging and a grueling procedures, the judges finally announced this week that they have actually managed to select the top 50 that will move onto the next stage Dreams.

Set for a 3 week hiatus for administrative matters for the show, the show will commence airing on Sunday, Mondays and Thursdays and film with an open audience on Tuesdays at arcades cinema’s.

Zambia let’s watch and support 50 hopefuls try and emulate winner, Shadrach’s, feat last year and go even further.

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