Kanyelele French Remix

While on tour with through out many Southern African nations such as Mozambique and Mauritius, Afro-Pop queen Kay Figo has decided to dop a French version of her greatest hit song, Kanyelele. Featuring french artist Jimmy Gassel, of Madison Music (Britain), Kay Figo’s greatest hit was mixed with elements of French and re-named “Inside You” to suit the international music audience.

The video, which was released on the 17th of July 2013 on YouTube, was has already reached 18,000 hits on YouTube in just under 3 weeks. However these hits  have mainly been from Gassel’s Fan’s (from France, England and French speaking nations around the world), introducing the Zambian Afro-Pop queen to a whole new audience and from the feel of the comments and the amount of likes of the video, the fans are really embracing the her. Whether this version will outshine her original song which is at 450,000 hits so far and is still rocking clubs, we are yet to see.

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