Ozzy and OC

Summer time is around the corner and its time for the battle of the 2013 summer hit in zambia and possibly representing zambia on the African club scene. In the last week, 2 of Zambia’s biggest stars, OC “oscillation” and Ozzy the General both released their latest songs, which are both potential club hits for the summer party season of 2013.

The first to drop was Ozzy the General, earlier in the week, who dropped his dance-hall style English sung track “African Girl”. The track, produced by DJLo, has a very Naija / Jamaican dance-hall feel and has not fallen short of the international style quality of production that we are used to from Ozzy the General. Once you here the baseline drop in this track you can just imagine all the ladies in the clubs just shaking their money makers, setting the scene for a crazy club night. Recently Ozzy also announced that he is also shooting the video for his new hit and we cannot wait for it to drop.

Which track do you think is the 2013 club banger among the two?

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