With employment on the decrease and social menace on the increase, Emoh Rekerdz has taken up the challenge to help combat a fraction of this issue through The Unsigned Hype.

The Unsigned hype is a project that has it foundation rooted on youth empowerment and using music as a job creation avenue. Through this project talents are groomed and educated on the business facet of artistry. Great talent who are selected are able to earn income through the label, this in turn keeps them off the streets and also ease the burdens on their families.

A life without good music is boring and music without a great vibe is annoying, this was the statement of the organiser of project.
He further lamented that, The unsigned hype artistes will be releasing distinctive moving songs to thrill listeners. Moreover the foremost track “This is the time” is ready to be unleashed.

Emoh Rekerdz and its allies also wish to thank all the media houses, newspapers, websites and everyone who contributed to their victory.

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