It was a week packed full of the hottest new music on the Zambian music scene and once again, the heavy weights of the music industry
did not disappoint. First and foremost, new boys “Urban Hype” collaborated “Rich Boii Attitude” to make a Dance Hall hit called “Pa-Easy” and “titans” Slapdee, Young Verbal (Zone Fam) and
Macky 2 also decided to drop some hits on the industry.

The music industry was then sent buzzing by the most anticipated rap release of the week, Ruff Kid and Chefy’s “Mulekeni”. Dropped on the Kopala Swag music website indimba, the Kwaito – House styled hit song smashed the, forever rumored, beef between XYZ and the Kopala Swag
team by producing what should be on of the best club song across SADC for a long period.

Packed with a variety of genres of new music (from Hip Hop to House to Dancehall), the top spot went to a Gospel artist once again. However
it was not the usual Lotahouse music but this town it was the return of, Zambian soul legend, Kanji that sent the music industry buzzing and
rocked the new music charts this week.

It wasn’t just a regular week because after a decade’s hiatus, Kanji’s new tracks, “Nidaliseni” and “Intungulushi” remix – ft Mag44 (both produced by Mag44) actually took the number 1
and 2 spot on the fresh 10. However grabbing the top spot on chart was her soulful track “Nidaliseni”.

It was a no brainer as to why Kanji
took the top two spots on our charts. Powerhouse vocals, skilled production of Mag44 and a powerful message, these songs, showcased by the returning songstress, are timeless classics and show that beautiful singing is like riding a bicycle, you can never really lose that skill and Kanji really hasn’t lost.

If anyone even needed proof of how big the return of Kanji is, even zambia’s most popular musician on all social media, Mampi took time out
her US touring schedule and tweeted about how excited she was about the return of Kanji for all of her 18000 twitter followers to see:

Intungulushi is ministering to me great song n great vocals @KanjiReturnz

— mampi mukape (@mampiliciousme)

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