SPORTS minister Chishimba Kambwili has directed the Immigration Department and Police to arrest Zambian TP Mazembe representative Andre Mtine for sneaking the ‘Mailoni Brothers’ who are Rainford Kalaba,
Nathan Sinkala and Stoppila Sunzu in and out of the country without passports.

Kambwili confirmed that after the
Immigration officers at Kenneth Kaunda international Airport were instructed not to allow the three players out of the country to Lubumbashi, Mtine drove them to
Kasumbalesa, where they used the bush to enter DR Congo.

He said investigations to establish how the players were allowed into the country without passports would commence and Mtine should be arrested to answer how he facilitated their travel.

“I am extremely disappointed with the
behaviour of TP Mazembe representative Andre Mtine; on my way from the Copperbelt last Monday, I was on the same plane with Sunzu.
The boy never told me he was sick
and that his friends who remained in Congo were going to come with his passport. When I questioned him how he came in the country without a passport, that’s when he said the
Congolese authorities, through the
instructions of Katanga governor, facilitated his coming into Zambia,” Kambwili said.

He disclosed that Sunzu confided in him that they were ready to go to China for the international friendly with Brazil as they were all in good health since no one was injured or

“André Mtine is a Zambian who should not be blinded by the love of money against the patriotism of the country. It is an offence for anybody to come in the country without passports.

I therefore direct the Director General of Immigration to investigate how the
boys came into the country and arrest Mtine so that he can answer how he brought the boys in the country without their passports.

As we are talking now, they drove to
Kasumbalesa Border and used the bush into Congo. Mtine must be arrested and charged under the immigration Act; he has committed a criminal offence,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili said disciplinary action would be taken against the three players should they fail to travel to China for the international match, which they have missed.

“We are also going to take punitive measures against the boys if they don’t travel to China. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Patriotism must be above money; those boys
owe everything to the country and cannot snub us like this. That is a paid-for friendly and the condition to that friendly is that Zambia brings the strongest team, preferably the team that played Ghana in the World Cup
qualifier,” said Kambwili.

Source: Tumfweko

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