The S.A.G Nation protege Exquizite vybez stated this morning that he is more vulnerable in his songs, and that his vocals could be heard better. He feels there is “real emotion and a much realer connection with [his] fans”.

He said that his first single was to be “a club record — something fun and
danceable”, and cited “Drop dead”, “Shana” and “Love Ting” as possible single choices for his Verge Of A New Merge Mixtape.

Vybez just currently finished working on his new singe “Official Gal” that is set for premier this coming december. He says its a great first single for him this year because it says something. Vybez hopes that the song will spread the message of man power and empower women to equally stand up and take control of their romantic relationships.

He says that he “fell in love with records like Fjay’s Nga Nga Nga aswell as Wiz Kid’s – Dance For Me, where you could emotionally attach yourself to the record as soon as you heard it. I didn’t want something too too Playful and random , I want people to see me as a man with something to say.”

Vybez defined an official gal as “someone in a relationship. You’re attentive to, you’re honest to, but at the same time you can let go a little bit. To make an official gal, you just have to ride for your significant other and support them 100 percent” he says.

Well ladies and gentle men vybez must be really on point and knows what his talking about.

Listen to the unreleased raw leak sample tease of the “official Gal” track produced by Skillz, A Beat Sarz.

Download and leave a comment.

Download Official Gal Teaser Mp3 (source 1)
Download Official Gal (source 2)

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