TALENTED singer, P Jay has reprised his 2012 most disappointing artiste title and maintained his status following another year of inactivity.

Despite featuring on several hit songs, P Jay (right) has yet again been voted most disappointing artiste of the year 2013 on Hone FM’s ‘Zed Experience’ music show.

The R&B singer however wondered why fans voted him in that category yet he had previously featured on a number of popular songs.

The gifted vocalist argues that it’s not true that he was the most disappointing artiste last year,claiming that any song he collaborated on became a hit.

“How can I be voted most disappointing artiste when I am the most featured artiste? People who voted for that are just haters,” P Jay said in an interview.

“It’s not just about dropping songs every now and then. They say, ‘when you rush, you crash.’ I have to think and make sure I do a good song. Right now I am working on a new album called Lesa Somone.”

But a source who sought anonymity told the Weekend Post that when voting, the public also considers the behaviour of an artiste especially in public places.

“P Jay drinks too much. He drinks to an extent of failing to perform on stage when he has a show, so I’m sure fans get very disappointed with him,” the source said.

P Jay is best known for songs like ‘Banono’ collaboration with veteran songbird, Jane Osborn, ‘Nichingwile’, an award-winning song collaboration with Slap Dee, ‘Piano’ and ‘Tobolilo’. On the same show, Slap Dee was voted male artiste of the year, while Judy was voted female artiste of the year.

‘Zed Experience’, which has been on air for the past ten years, is presented by Master LT and Showstar.

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