Justin Bieber is no more. The 19-year-old has changed his name. Well, at least online. You’ll now find him under pseudonym “Bizzle” on his Instagram and Shots accounts. However, his Twitter account remains untouched.

There’s no telling what brought about the change. Perhaps Justin realized his name has recently become synonymous with “train wreck”? Maybe he thinks it’s a good way to evade the cops? Or he could just be taking a cue from the many artists before him who have felt the need to be called something new? See Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, and Prince (or Snoop Lion, Puff Daddy), depending on what year you’re looking).

So far, Beliebers have seem to take kindly to the moniker mix-up. A few lucky ones even got a retweet from Justin as they shared the major announcement that Justin was now “Bizzle” some places online.

Whether or not this heralds a new change in the pop star’s music or lifestyle, only time will tell. Clearly Justin— excuse us, Bizzle — is just full of surprises.

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