Ailing dictator Michael Sata has against demonstrated that his brain is expired.
This time he says someone should show him ‘an animal driven’ constitution.

And of all places he was speaking at state when he received a tribunal report on Wynter Kabimba.
Sata said proponents of a people driven constitution should first show a document which was driven by animals.
He said he does not understand why some people are always demanding for a people driven constitution when Zambia already has a valid constitution.

You need some level of education to understand what a people driven constitution is.

“And for all of you here, ask the most learned woman here, Madam Chibesakunda. You are always saying people driven constitution, people driven constitution. Madam, where do you have an animal driven constitution?”

Chibesakunda is not even the most learned woman in Zmbia but maybe in PF or Sata’s family.

He added, “Have you ever seen an animal driven constitution, which country because everybody is talking of people driven constitution, so once you produce the animal driven one, let’s ask Mr Phiri, once you produce the animal driven constitution, we compare the two constitutions, what we have and then we shall look at that.”
SOURCE: Zambian Watchdog

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