Tom Ford has taken a hint from Jay Z for his latest collection by debuting a sequin football jersey dress inspired by a shirt the rapper wore during his Magna Carta Holy Grail Tour. It’s only fair considering Jay Z created an entire song dedicated to the designer and how his fashion gives him a better high than drugs.

During London Fashion Week, Ford sent two sequined jersey dresses, one in black and another in orange, baring his name, the number 61 for his birth year, and a crossed out “Molly” underneath. The design is a nod to Jay Z’s song “Tom Ford,” in which he says, “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.”

The original black-and-white jersey, which was created by French brand Black Boy Place, sells for $65, but Ford’s creations will go for much higher at $6,500.

“I just took the knockoff from online, and knocked it off,” Ford told the Associate Press.

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