Mother of young African entertainer, Oziomachukwu Favour Mojekwu, popularly known as Ozzy Bosco Wonderkid, Chief Elizabeth Nonye Mojekwu, in a recent interview, said her son, while growing up, could dance to the sound of an airplane.

According to Mojekwu, she noticed the talent in her son at three months, but did not ascertain its magnitude.

She added that they noticed that there was something special about him when it comes to dancing and singing. “Then, when an aeroplane passes, while in the sitting room relaxing, he (Ozzy Bosco) would start dancing to the sound of the airplane. If you dropped something on the floor, he would begin to follow the sound pattern of the object. We noticed the ‘swag.’”

Ozzy Bosco has featured the likes of Terry G, Lambogini, Olamide, Flavour Nabania, M.I, Tee Mac and Midnight Crew.

The wonderkid has won 16 awards so far, and recently, he was given a chieftancy title called ‘Omenawata Igbo.’

Ozzy Bosco, at seven, has done 128 properly recorded awesome stage performances; and this does not include all the minor entertainment events he has done for friends and schoolmates on their birthdays. As a result of this, the kid singer is on the verge of putting his name in the Guinness Book of World Records as a child who is a part-time entertainer, and has done 12 performances in two years and four months.

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