HILTON Worldwide Holdings will establish Hilton Garden Inn in Zambia.
The hotel will be housed at the US$98 million Zambia National Building Society Business Park project currently being construct by the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) on Lusaka’s Cairo Road.

NAPSA director general Charles Mpundu said the establishment of the first-ever Hilton hotel in the country will raise the profile of the business park scheduled to be completed in the first half of next year.

“NAPSA is excited about the hotel because the Hilton brand is big and it will raise the profile of the business park,” he said.

Mr Mpundu said in an interview recently that the development is expected to create a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry.

He said the business park which, apart from housing the Hilton hotel, will accommodate a shopping mall and office blocks, has attracted a number of local and foreign investors with about 75 percent of the space taken.
Mr Mpundu could not, however, disclose which international investors will occupy the premises.

He also said NAPSA will ensure that the business park is not dominated by foreign outlets alone, but will give local investors the opportunity to operate at the urban regeneration project.

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