bobby east

Singer Robert Chungu, commonly known as ‘Bobby East’ and his girlfriend, Ruth Mukanga have been arrested in connection with the sex video which has gone viral on social media.
The two, who starred in the explicit 12-minute video, have been charged with producing and circulating pornographic material. Chungu was picked up from Chunga Township while Ruth was arrested from Chilenje at her rented apartment where the sex video was short from.
Police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda and Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Lemmy Kajoba said in separate interviews that the duo was picked up in Lusaka before being released on police bond.
“You may wish to know that we have been going to their homes from the time the video started circulating but we have not been finding them. Today we managed to pick them up and arrest them,” Ms Chanda said.
The two had gone into hiding after the video hit social media sites including What’s App.

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