A DISTRAUGHT man has demanded compensation in form of cattle from his brother for committing adultery with his wife.
Langtone Mabanti, 41, of Garden House, says his brother should compensate him with cattle and pay fresh dowry if he wants to marry his (Mabanti’s) wife.
Mabanti said he could not believe his ears when his daughter told him she saw her uncle creep into his bedroom with his wife when he was away.
This was heard at the Kanyama local court before Justice Moses Phiri in a case where Mabanti sued his brother Lizwe Mabanti for adultery.
Mabanti told the court that on May 15 this year, he travelled to Nampundwe where he spent two days.
He said six days after his return, his daughter told him Lizwe had spent a night with her mother in the couple’s bedroom.
Mabanti said his daughter told him on the material day Lizwe went to his home around 22:00 hours and when her mother let him in, he stepped over while she slept in the process waking her accidentally.
“She said she saw my brother go in the bedroom with my wife,” he lamented.
Mabanti said when he asked his wife about it, she confessed that she had sex with Lizwe.
He said he called for a meeting with family members and Lizwe who apologized for what he had done.
Mabanti said when he asked his wife why she did it, she said Lizwe had been proposing her for some time and also told her he (Mabanti) had another woman.
In his statement, Lizwe, a fast-talker, said Mabanti had one day called him to tell him he suspected his wife had a lover who she spent the night with at his home when he was away.
“We called his wife and asked her about the man and she said his name is Kaluba. But after much questioning, she changed her statement and said it was me,” Lizwe said angrily.
He said his sister-in-law was not straightforward and he vehemently denied having had sex with her that night.
Meanwhile, Mabanti’s wife Lavender, 27, said on a Thursday night around 22:00hours, she got a call from Lizwe saying he wanted to bring some money to her.
Lavender said when he knocked on her door; she went out to the toilet after which Lizwe went in straight to the bedroom.
“I later followed him in the bedroom where he began chaffing me and asking why I always remain alone at home; and if my husband had left me,” she said.
She said he then began undressing and fondling her after which he had sex with her.
Lavender said Lizwe then threatened that if she spilled the beans, he would commit suicide.
Passing judgment, justice Phiri said from all the submissions, it was clear that Lizwe committed adultery with Lavender and ordered him to compensate Mabanti with K5,000.

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