Keke Palmer needs a glass slipper fitting, stat!
The 20-year-old star will be taking over the lead role in the stage musical Cinderella next month, making her the first African-American to play the role on Broadway.
Asked how she was celebrating the awesome career coup, however, Palmer told Vanity Fair, “I don’t really celebrate. And besides, I still don’t believe it is real!”
Hmm, that last part sounds like over-the-moon enthusiasm to us! And of course, she may have celebrated since then.
The Just Keke host’s debut will be Sept. 9 so of course she will be spending the next month—a period of time that includes her 21st birthday rehearsing.
Palmer will be replacing Cindy Paige Faure in the role of the titular heroine who goes from family servant to Prince Charming’s see-through-footwear rocking bride over the course of a few hours.
Growing up, Palmer told VF, she “always had an idea to approach Broadway for an audition.”
Similarly, when asked by back in 2012 if her love of singing combined with her love of acting included a desire to perform on Broadway, Keke said, “That would be really fun.”
In addition to scoring her own BET talk show, Palmer also recently appeared on the small screen in Showtime’s Masters of Sex and the Emmy nominated Lifetime movie The Trip to Bountiful.

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