Let’s take a look at the 20 things you don’t know about Queen Bey:
1) Beyoncé was the second African-American woman ever to grace the cover of the ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue when she appeared on the cover in 2007. She follows Tyra Banks who was the first African-American cover model in 1997.
2) Her father used to make her run a mile while singing to build her endurance.
3) Although Beyoncé has written most of her own lyrics, she says that she often has trouble remembering them!
4) The number four has a very special significance to Bey. She, her mother, and husband Jay Z were all born on the fourth of their respective birth months. IV from Blue Ivy’s name is the Roman numeral for four. And she was also married on the fourth, and she named her fourth record simply, 4.
5) She lost 20 pounds in 14 days, consuming a potion made of only lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, all for a role in Dreamgirls.
6) She’s a feminist
7) Beyoncé’s ex-boyfriend, Lyndall Locke, cheated on her multiple times
8) Bootylicious,a term coined by Beyonce, is now a word recognized by the “Oxford English Dictionary.”
9) Beyoncé and Jay Z talked on the phone for a year before going on their first date.
10) Beyoncé watches footage like a pro athlete
11) Her first group, Destiny’s Child, was put together by her parents in 1990, when Beyonce was just nine. With all four girls growing up in deeply religious Christian households, the group’s name was taken from the Book of Isaiah – in which destiny and God’s promise to the faithful are a central theme. Then, in 2005, Destiny’s Child was paid $2 million to perform at the bar mitzvah of British retail billionaire Philip Green’s 13-year-old son. Talk about pay day!
12) According to Solange Knowles, Bey was very protective over her growing up.
13) She records and archives every single interview she does, so she can never be misquoted.
14) She recognizes her power, but can’t fully comprehend it
15) She once walked out on a shoot with famous photographer David LaChapelle after he told her to strip and cover her body in honey.
16) Beyoncé likes to wear high heels and dominate in the bedroom
17) Before getting married, Bey and Jay briefly broke up. Jay rapped about it on “Lost Ones.”
18) Before her personal trainer banned her from eating it, Beyoncé used to be addicted to authentic chicken curry, and had it flown in from England when she got a craving.
19) Her former bodyguard, “Shortie,” weighed 600 pounds, and once caused an elevator he and B were on to stop between floors. He was subsequently fired.
20) As a child, Beyoncé would charge houseguests $5 a head to watch her perform.

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