Dear Editor,

My names are David Bronso Chishimba from northern province.My problem is that my wife comes from work wearing different panties or not wearing one at all.I’m a 40-year-old man who married again two years ago after my first wife passed away in 2011. My new wife is 27 years old and she works for a private medical company as a secretary. Our problem is that I have caught her countless times coming home with different panties. She might leave home wearing a red one but she would return wearing a white one. At times she would come back home without wearing one at all.

If confront her she tells me that she is having her menstrual cycle and for about twice she once said she had defecated in her panties hence she removed the panties. I love my wife so much and I can’t even think of partying ways with her, but I’m worried about the panties issue. Other than that we don’t have any problem. She respects me and she doesn’t make me feel insecure except on the above mentioned case.

Please share my story because i need advize from your readers.Thank you

-Unedited From Inbox

Twitter: @Afrochoonez
Facebook: Afrochoonez

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