Police are holding a 36 year old father of Chipili District after he allegedly gave his 3 month old baby kachasu.

Police say the incident happened about a week ago in Fungu Village. According to police, the deceased is identified as Justine Nkunta junior, while the suspect has been identified as Justine Nkunta, 36, of Fungu village in Chief Mutupila’s area in Chipili district.

A police report says the mother of the child, identified as Annie Chungu, 31, had in the morning of the material day gone to the field, leaving the baby in the custody of his father who was at the time drinking kachasu and he allegedly gave some to the child. when Ms Chungu returned home from the field that afternoon, she found that the baby was in an unconscious state, and she quickly informed the police on the matter.

Police officers then rushed to the scene and that a physical inspection of the baby revealed that there were no visible injuries but there was a pungent smell of alcohol emanating from the child’s body.
The child’s body was taken to Mansa General Hospital mortuary where a post-mortem was conducted. The suspect remains in custody waiting trial.

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