A 18 year old girl from a school in Northern Province has vowed never to go back to the school after complaining of constant sexual harassment.

The Grade 10 student went home for the mid-term break and refused to go back to school.
According to the student from a girl’s school in Northern Province, she was abused by three Grade 12 students who slept in the same cubicle with her.

While speaking to source, the girl said that one of the girls was to be her mentor (mother). During the first term, everything was alright – she showed her around the school and helped her settle.

However, In the second term , the girl changed completely. She insisted on following her to the bathroom where she fondled with her breasts saying how s*xy they were. The traumatized girl said that she was shocked and wanted to report the matter to the teachers but the senior students warned her against it even going to the extent of threatening to kill her.

She abused her with two other students who share the cubicle with her. The grade 10 said that the trio used test tubes, plastic dildos which they inserted in her v@g!n@ while sucking her b**bs.
Afterwards, they would ask her to do the same until they attained org*sm. The parents to the young girl confirmed those claims saying that a doctor’s report showed that she had been s*xually abused.

Now they are threatening to sue the school for irresponsibility.

Source #KitweTimes

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