THE Christian Coalition says media attacks directed at Bread of Life Church International overseer Bishop Joe Imakando are unfair and uncalled for.

Last week, one of the daily newspapers launched a scathing attack against Bishop Imakando accusing him of among other things living a lavish lifestyle and also questioned his acquisition of a Hummer vehicle as well as the installation of a Bank ATM at Blessing Centre.

But in an interview with The Church Newspaper, Christian Coalition president Bishop Godwin Musonda said the attack on the man of God is very disappointing.

He said it is surprising that the installation of a Bank ATM at Blessings Centre had become an issue.

“So, what is wrong with having an ATM there?” wondered Bishop Musonda “That ATM is not only serving church members but also general members of the public. Why should someone go to Emmasdale or town to draw money when they can do so at Blessing Centre? People want access to their money 24 hours and the nearer they are to an ATM, the better.”

On the issue of Bishop Imakando’s Hummer vehicle, Bishop Musonda said there was nothing wrong with the clergyman driving such a vehicle.

“These people who are criticizing Bishop Imakando for driving a Hummer… where were they when Bishop Imakando was walking on foot when he just started the ministry? Why didn’t they condemn him for walking on foot back then?

“And according to what I have heard- I stand to be corrected; it’s not Bishop Imakando who bought that vehicle. It’s someone who gave it to him as a gift. So, is it wrong for Bishop Imakando to honour the person who gave him the vehicle by driving it?” asked Bishop Musonda.

Bishop Musonda also advised those criticizing Bishop Imakando to “give him a break” and try to concentrate on their core business.

“Bishop Imakando is our father in this country. He is someone we look up to. So, we won’t allow people to just wake up and start attacking him for no reason. I know Zambians will always try to attack him, that is because he is a great man,” said Bishop Musonda who is the senior pastor of Christ Family- a fast growing church with 3 centers in Lusaka.

He added: “Bishop Imakando is the first person here in Zambia to give a church its true status. That Blessing Centre is how a church is supposed to look like. That church has all the facilities that a church is supposed to have.

Go outside the country and you will see what I am talking about. “My advise to those attacking the man of God is that let them leave him alone. Give him a break. It’s not good to attack such men of God because you will invite fire upon yourself.”

[Source:The Church Newspaper- Zambia’s first Christian newspaper]

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