Traffic in Lusaka’s Central Business District was yesterday disrupted as PF cadres took to the streets to celebrate the firing of Wynter Kabimba as Minister of Justice and PF Secretary General.

The cadres thronged the ruling the party’s Lusaka District office in the town centre where they celebrated Mr Kabimba’s sacking.

The jubilation was characterised by dancing, singing and honking along Freedom Way
And in Chipata, PF cadres have joined the celebrations saying the firing of Kabimba will bring sanity and order in the party.

The cadres have since appealed to President Sata to consider firing District Commissioners perceived to be Mr. Kabimba’s supporters.

Meanwhile, Grand Coalition for a People Driven Constitution has extended an olive branch to Just fired Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to join them in the Campaign for the release of the constitution.

Speaking in an interview, Coalition Spokesperson McDonald Chipenzi said Mr. Kabimba who has now earned himself a ‘Doctorate’ in denying the people of Zambia a new Constitution will now see the need to demand for a people driven Constitution.

Mr. Chipenzi said Mr. Kabimba has also paid a price for not listening to people’s call for him to step down including some from his party.
He also said this gives good lesson to leaders that do not want to listen to what the people they are leading are saying.

Mr. Chipenzi who is also FODEP executive Director said the firing of Kabimba is not shocking.

He said as FODEP they advised Mr. Kabimba before to consider only having one position as having two positions like he did was so difficult.

Mr. Chipenzi is hopeful that the former Justice Minister will join the masses in calling for the release of the draft constitution.

And newly appointed PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu has said that his appointment as secretary general and Justice Minister has come as a surprise.

Mr Lungu said he had a meeting with President Sata in the morning and that the President had not mentioned anything on the appointment.
He said he would inform the nation on the plans he had for the party but that he would wait until he met the President before meeting the media.

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