Kasama Central PF Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has called on PF members in Kasama and across the country to renew their commitment to the ideals which made them the party of Choice in 2011.

On his Facebook posting, Mr. Mwamba says there are sections of society who ferment tribalism to suit their ill-agendas.

Mr. Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, says the members must be reminded that PF is for all Zambians from all walks of life.

He says if one finds a PF member being tribal, they should be told to stop because it is anti- PF and un-Zambian to champion an evil such as tribalism.

Mr. Mwamba, who is also former Defense Minister, adds that it remains wishful thinking that PF’s national character can be tainted by a few men and women of ill-intent.

The Kasama Central lawmaker furthermore adds that it is therefore a duty of every PF member to ensure PF remains the party of choice.

Mr. Mwamba says there is also need to remain loyal and supportive of President Michael Sata in order to deliver to the expectations of the people.

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