Mirriam Mukape, popularly known as Mampi, says her way of dressing when on stage is only an act.

Mampi who is scheduled to put up a number of performances in Europe this October, warned the youths to desist from imitating celebrities as most of the musicians’ dressing during performances is meant to create an impact on their audiences.

She said her main worry was the teenagers whom she said needed to distinguish between acting and real life situations.

“What I put on while on stage does not mean that is my dressing when off-stage. When
I’m on stage, it is different.

I act, but some people take it the wrong way; they want to imitate me forgetting that it is just an act,” she said in an interview after an exhilarating performance with her two dancing queens at Livingstone’s East Pont on Friday. While there, she announced her October shows in France, Denmark and England.

“ I have had a nice show and the people were awesome, especially that they sang along to my songs…. As for my schedule, I’m due to leave for a string of shows in France, Denmark and England this October, basically it is a Europe Tour.”

Mampi said she was also working on a new album scheduled to be released in November. She said in her new album, she has focused on issues she experiences on a daily basis.

“I’m still recording, but what I’m looking at in the songs are issues that I see happening around me on a daily basis, I’m also growing more mature and looking after my son,” said Mampi who also warned the youths and men not to abuse the social media as a means of demeaning women.

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