A 24-year-old woman of Siavonga was yesterday morning beaten after being found having sex with a married man only identified as Luke.

Eyewitness Getrude Moonga said Ellen Mutinta of Siakalinda village was caught by Luke’s wife, who was alerted by neighbours that her husband had taken a woman to their home.

She said Mutinta and Luke were earlier seen drinking beer at a local tarven around 08:00 hours.

Moonga said an hour later, the duo went to Luke’s house since his wife had gone to church.

She said it was at that point that the neighbours who had seen the couple go into the house, quickly alerted Luke’s wife, who came home running with two of her friends from church.
Moonga said the three women found Luke and Mutinta having sex in the bedroom.

She said the man, who was drunk, however, managed to escape and locked himself in the toilet.

Mutinta tried to fight her way past the women but was overpowered and beaten up.

Moonga said the defenceless Mutinta had her underwear torn and shoved in her mouth by the three women, who then forced her to chew it.
Moonga said Mutinta, who was also drunk at the time, was only rescued by relatives who rushed to the scene

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