President Michael Sata now seems under pressure to keep making some public appearances but without a voice, especially with his former comrades at the Post Newspaper confirming what we have always been saying that he is ailing and unable to work.

On Monday, Sata was forced to swear-in Supreme Court judges with a only picture but no sound.
Yesterday, he again pressured himself and appeared in public to received credentials from the new Chinese envoy Youming Yang, in similar fashion of picture but no sound.

During the short ceremony at State House where there were no journalists, only the Chinese envoy was heard on ZNBC TV saying he was hopeful that he will contribute to the friendship and development of the two peoples.

Youming hailed the cordial relations that have existed between Zambia and China over the past 50 years.

With a mutated voice, a ZNBC journalist claimed President Michael Sata urged the new Chinese Ambassador to Zambia to work for the good of the two countries.

The ceremony was witnessed by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and his Permanent Secretary George Zulu.

Again, conspicuously missing on these ceremonies was Sata’s Press Aid George Chellah who could have sent out a fake statement of what was not even said.

Later, Sata heard there were some young school girls within State House grounds that were playing with his wife Christine Kaseba and proceeded to greet them before he went back in bed at Nkwanzi House, the presidential residence.
Sata is currently receiving heavy medication for cancer throat that has mutated his voice from some South Korean medical personal brought by his son Mulenga Sata.

The Zambia watchdog understands Sata can walk for about 20 meters only and can talk for about 10 minutes only while losing breath in between.
And his voice is completely distorted, completely different from the one he used to tell lies to the nation to win elections.

The Zambian watchdog was the first one to reveal that Mr. Sata was ailing.

With the revelations from his comrades at the Post newspaper that he was facing ‘challenges and lapses that have made him unable to do much work’ Sata is likely to keep pressurizing himself to prove people wrong against medical advice.

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