‘Shake shake’ is a popular Local beer. Chibuku Shake Shake is made from a mix of sorghum and maize. It is sold in paper cartons or brown plastic containers with a wide blue lid.

This thick brown millet beer costs less than a dollar and it is shaken vigorously before drinking it because of its thick Layer of sediment collected on the bottom of the carton.

Below are the reasons why you should Be drinking Chibuku

1.Shake shake tastes better:The number one reason why you should drink Chibuku is because it tastes much better than the “beer water” that is mass produced and mass marketed by the big beer companies. Chibuku tastes much better because the brewers spend their time focusing the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing campaigns and stock prices.

2.Health Benefits: You read that right! Chibuku has health benefits. Research has shown that chibuku shake shake has more health benefits than red wine! It contains more nutrients than does wine.

3.Cheap:shake shake costs less than a dollar it is cheap.Chibuku Shake Shake is everywhere just like MTN(Everywhere you go).You can afford it whether broke or not.

4.Reduces Heart Attack:It reduces your risk of a heart attack, Chibuku drinkers have a 40 to 60 percent reduced risk of suffering a heart attack compared with non-beer drinkers.

5.For Beautiful women:Shake shake makes skin more beautiful Good news for women! Certain vitamins in Chibuku can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation. Your skin becomes smoother and suppler.

6.Chibuku helps prevent blood clots:The ingredients in shake shake help prevent blood clots from forming.


Please,If you have any other good reasons to drink shake shake (which there are many) feel free to leave a comment or talk about it.Local is laka…

-Josh Kapata

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