Police last night attempted to arrest Defence and Justice Minister, Edgar Lungu.

Following the dismissal by acting president Guy Scott.

Meanwhile, Edgr Lungu has rejected the dismissal by Scott saying the acting president has no powers to dimiss him.
Numerous senior members of the party, who gathered at St. Ignatius Church for a special church service in memory of President Michael Sata, began to go troop to Lungu’s home in Brentwood Drive, Kabulonga.

Around 23hrs, armed police landcruisers parked on Lewanika Close.

After a 20minute stand-off, the police withdrew.

It is believed that Guy Scott is being controlled by Fred Mmembe and dismissed former Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

Before dismissing the Secretary General, Guy Scott held a long meeting at his office which was attended by the DPP Mutembo Nchito and his counterpart, Attorney General Musa Mwenye.

According to government officials, Musa Mwenye is likely to face an arrest regarding the criminal manner he conducted himself during the transfer of power.

Musa Mwenye had among other things, visited the Army Commander and directed him to ensure that Edgar Lungu handed over power immediately following the death of President Sata.

The army commander rebuffed the young man by telling him “I don’t talk to civilians, I have a Commander – in – Chief who will give me orders – Get out”!

Guy Scott’s short rule is turning out to be a rule of colonial authority and is alianating from members of the public.

On his dismissal, Lungu said the following:

‘I have learnt with deep regret the illegal and provocative action taken by Dr. Guy Scott purporting to dismiss me as Secretary General of the Party.

This action is illegal and has no foundation or support of the PF party constitution. But most importantly, Dr. Guy Scott has insulted our culture and the people of Zambia by constantly engaging himself in matters that undermine the dignity, honour and respect of the funeral of President Michael Sata.

I am aware that they are serious maneuvers to reinstate Mr. Wynter Kabimba as Secretary General of the Party. These maneuvers are also designed to undermine the decision made by President Michael Sata on 28th August 2014 and the wishes and interest of the party.

I’m also aware that there is an attempt to usurp state and party powers to a group now commonly known as the ‘’cartel”.

The action by Dr. Guy Scott to illegally assume the office of party president and to pretend to perform such functions therein in the absence of the harmonization of this constitutional conflict, is promoting disharmony.

I also note that Dr. Guy Scot had on Friday 31st October 2014, announced the banning of meetings including the holding of meetings by the Central Committee.

This action is also illegal as during this difficult and sensitive moment, Dr. Scot is expected to benefit from the wisdom and counsel of the Central Committee and not from strangers and members of the group famously referred to as the “Cartel” currently surrounding him.

Dr. Guy Scott is expected to defend the interest of the Patriotic Front, its values and is expected to adhere to the provisions of the letter and spirit of the party constitution.

I wish to warn all members and party leaders including, Dr. Guy Scott to act with restraint as the nation is in mourning and the body of His Excellency, President Michael Sata is lying in state at Mulungushi International Conference Center as President Sata deserves to be mourned with utmost dignity, peace and respect.

It should be made very clear that our restraint is out of utmost respect for the departed, His Excellency, President Michael Sata, is not a sign of weakness.
The people of Zambia are resolved to safeguard peace during this time of mourning.

Zambia attained its independence to uphold peace, unity and to uphold human dignity and therefore actions spoiling for a political fights runs counter to these values

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