Nkuli “Flabba” Habedi’s murder-accused limped into a a courtroom filled to capacity.

She revealed disheveled hair when she removed her hooded jacket as she stood before the crowd and wore a plain black t-shirt and a pair of black and white leggings.

Her legal representative, Amanda Vilakazi, revealed that the accused had sustained injuries on the night that Flabba was killed. Bruises on her arms, stab wounds on her stomach, a wound and stitches just above her wrist were among the injuries mentioned. Vilakazi asked that her client be allowed to be seen by a private doctor and said they intended to appeal for bail.

Outside the courtroom, the energy was much less sombre. People ran after the suspect’s family and friends, chanting “No bail!”

alex court

Another woman screamed “You are a family of killers,” before the sister of the accused swore at the crowd and sped off. As they walked off, they told her they would come back for her on Monday as she appears in court again.

alex court 2

Another member of the Alexandra community was restrained and reluctantly threw away the rock she had picked up, presumably to throw at the fleeing car.

Flabba’s murder-accused will appear in court again on March 16.

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