It’s been a month since SA’s Xhosa rap extraordinaire, iFani, announced details of his innovative #1stDayGold campaign, via the dedicated twitter session, which extended to a global reach in excess of 5 million people.

The announcement, coincided with the release of his first single ‘Settle Down’ which has since entered the Top 100 charts, the simultaneous launch of a first-ever physical pre-order for an artist album via Musica, and digital pre-order through iTunes.

As of Thursday (30 April), the number of CDs invoiced by Sony Music in the last month has officially exceeded 20 000 units of iFani’s album “I BELIEVES IN ME [2nd Quadrant]”.

Fans that pre-ordered the album at Musica before 29 April have until 9 May to claim their CD at the #1stDayGold campaign price.

“ I want everyone to know that dreams come true through hard work and belief in yourself. It doesn’t matter how big that dream is.”

“I use my music to describe the person I am. My music follows no set rules or guidelines coz none of those rules define me.” Ifani said.

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