Energy Company Fries Sausage on Power Lines

Representatives of Duke Energy roasted a sausage for students last week at the Franklin County School .

The barbecue wasn’t intended as social occasion; rather it provided a graphic demonstration of what can happen to human flesh when it touches live current.

A “redneck microwave” joked one of the fourth graders, who as a group were stunned by the flaming damage that could be caused by just a momentary touch of live current from a broken power line.

Duke Energy transportable “Live Line” trailer was on hand April 30 as part of an evening demonstration for police officers, firefighters and emergency operations personnel, how to handle storm policy and mobilization.

Four linemen – Robert Douin, from Crawfordville; Austin Weaver, from Ocala; Danny Burns, from Madison; and Willie Hamrick, from Perry – plus Bruce Holley, a Dunnellon supervisor, and Brian Smith, a technical skill specialist, from Ocala, conducted the demonstration all say for the students.

Also on hand was Bobby Pickels, Duke’s community relations director for the area, who explained to the elementary and middle school students who witnessed the demos, about electrical safety.

If you hit a pole, or see a line on the ground, “get away from it and call 911,” he told them. “Do not get out of the car, if you don’t have to.”

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