Starn Da Industry Quits Music

RnB singer Starn Ngandu also known as Starn Da Industry has officially quit the music industry. Starn, publicly announced on social media that he has stopped singing. Below is the official statement that he shared on social media.

Hello everyone, It was normal life as usual, music going so well and celebrating my achievements. So I began writing for my new album which was scheduled to be released this coming November, I was halfway gone into it. Then from no where I had an encounter with God one night that has changed ,my whole life. He told me to retire from music and go straight away into ministry. Off course I had so many questions and excuses…”

Am not fit Lord ” “I don’t know how to Do this” and What will people think of Me now? And so on… Anyway here I am, am officially announcing my retirement from Music, as a Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and Promoter,going into FULL TIME SERVICE TO GOD. I am not doing music at all. Thanks to everyone who supported my art,creativity and all. I hope to be of service to God and all his people…Am not a pro at this so be lenient on me hehe… Much

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