Type Of People Drinking With Lungu, Worries State House Officials

State House and OP officials are worried at the type of people president Edgar Lungu is associating with and imbibing beer with at State House.

State House officials have complained that Lungu has allowed the people he used to drink Kachasu with in compounds to enter state house at will.

Just on Thursday, Lungu advised his aides to ‘cut’ on friends to preserve the integrity of State House. But State House officials say Lungu is in the forefront of inviting his friends to drink free beers at State House.

Sources singled out Valden Harry Findlay as one such character who is always at State House even when the president is out.

But Findlay, just like most other characters Lungu associates with has a blemished reputation.

Among other criminal activities, Valden Harry Findlay was in 2008 arrested by the DEC for money laundering related offences.

Findlay who also owns Chrismar Hotel, Zoom Roadways and Atics Bureau de Change, was arrested for lending money without a lenders’ licence and money laundering activities involving K200 million.

In June 2009, Findlay was arrested in Hong Kong for forgery. Hong Kong authorities also discovered that Findlay had different passports bearing different dates of birth.

He was only saved after the MMD government requested Hong Kong to transfer his case so that he could be tried in Zambia. But when he arrived in Zambia, he was not prosecuted.

Findlay owns Chrismah hotel, probably the hottest drug spot in the country.

Lungu and Findlay used to patronise Casinos together especially Star and Majestic Casinos.

Last week, Lungu failed to meet Africa’s richest man Dangote because he was busy drinking beer with Findlay at Nkwazi house.

Source: Zambian Watchdog

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