Fast rising musician Dambisa’s moon is shinning brighter every now and then. After releasing the Umusungu song that has taken local radios and online platforms by storm, our snoops were informed yesterday that the Lusaka based budding star is in advanced stages of cupping her contract with the PF government’s department that handles entertainment.

In fact, the sexy looking singer was witnessed performing during the Meet The President Dinner that took place afew days back at Mulungushi Conference.

“Actually the biggest part of the contract has already been negotiated and agreed upon. She will be amongst afew other artists that will be endorsed to entertain the crowds during our campaigns and we are in final stages of commissioning her.

A source from the government informed that “Dambisa’s appearance at the President Dinner confirms that all is set,” a source said without delving into the contract details and how much the singer will bag since the contract is yet to be signed.

Dambisa is one of those talented and energetic musicians that can put up a very massive performance anywhere. Click here to watch her latest music video.

Source: MusicZambia

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