Art is often a collaborative process. Slapdee, Mumba Yachi and Muzo try to make Somone a no exception.Slapdee releases Somone his first official single for Black Na White 2. The first one made him become a bona fide music star. He will attempt to outclass it this year and has already has formulae in mind by bringing unlikely features Mumba Yachi and Muzo aka Alphonso.

Two Musondas jump on one rare groundbreaking collaborative record that will make Rap fans pressing the rewind button again and again. A few months ago after leaving Macky 2’s Alpha Ent, Muzo announced the remix of “Shalenipo Nechiwaya “ which was supposed to feature Slapdee and Bobby East. Most thought Muzo was trying to frustrate the Alpha Ent boss considering the controversial title sound of it.

The track has never been born and it remains an embryo and a mystery whether it is coming out. If it came out, that would have restarted a beef between Macky 2 and Slapdee so the XYZ boss may have turned down the feature as many rumors suggest. 

While we keep wondering when Shalenipo Nechiwaya Remix will come out, strategically Slapdee has decided to unite with an unlikely force. No one knew Muzo was the other artiste he had featured till a few hours ago.

  Folk artiste Mumba Yachi is on table as well and if you wondering how he would fit, just ask something else as Mumba Yachi perfectly gives some of the best touching melodies you may have heard of on the chorus in a while. Outstanding performance from Mumba Yachi’s  unique talent.

Slapdee’s verse is mainly living in braggadocio form. On the song Slapdee says he resurrected Muzo and he is the only king. On the cover art you can see Slapdee has a crown , Mumba Yachi has a hat and Muzo has a headsock that we recognise him from.

” Sinimayanka strange number so i just let my hommie answer/ one man show i dont come with any dancer/my crew is my security i dont want no drama/ plus i got my buff nigga looking like he’s mr zambia / up top with that new flow/  resurrected muzo/  new school just new school what the f**k you think we here for? am the only king out here/ gave the game a break last year/ now am back on my throne luking like king mutswati only with a nike ears/ Slapdee raps. 

Muzo goes in hard on the second verse reserved for him with bombastic Bemba rhymes .

And if Slapdee says he resurrected him that may be controversial but he may have meant Muzo spat the dopest bars ever since he left Macky 2’s Alpha Ent.  ‘Limo ukutemwa sana kuti bakudelela nakumbata/ mu menso yobe tweba fula fintu tumona bukata/ chabipafye twashala pamabwe tulila kwati tupata/” Muzo raps a hot verse.

How dare do you forget to mention Drew When you talking about the top ten Hip-Hop producers. Drew is one of the most underrated producers. He made Tuli Pamulilo by Tiye P featuring Zone Fam and Ka Chabebe by Ruff Kaida.

He has more to that. Those that listen to rappers that rap in English need no introduction as they may know him from lyricists like Camstar and Caesar Cognac. This isn’t the first he is working with Slapdee as Hello Hater is a good reminder. The beat is co-produced by Beat Messiah and Drew

Looking at both sides of the coin, the track is worth it lyrically and sonically. It takes just a half listen to from the given the immense scope striking and exposing weak tracks out there are on blogs. Somone is among the most exciting songs of the year, not only because it brazenly addresses hip-hop’s lack of collaboration between cliques but because it musically surpasses the most innovative work of street production.

 Though we kept Mumba Yachi to the sidelines, it must be said that he stole the track. For Muzo, switching to XYZ wouldn’t be a bad thing as he bonds with Slapdee perfectly. It is evident that Slapdee is tired of winning awards and he is aiming high to land on the international scene. 

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