Dear editor,
I am a former UNZA student. I have an immediate solution to the current power problem we are facing in Zambia.

Zesco came up with power rationing system as an immediate solution to the current power situation which was a good idea but has failed to work.

This is because people try to compensate for the usage of power when it is restored, hence defeating the whole purpose.

However, here is the solution:

Zesco need to limit the usage of electricity at a household level by portioning a fixed amount of units per month that can be bought by single household.

For example, a domestic household can be allowed to buy X amount of units a month. If they reach the X unit number for a month, the system will not allow that household to buy more units until next month. The same would go for medium scale users.

This will shift the responsibility of power management from Zesco to household level. It will force households to be responsible for their units and eventually they will buy energy serving appliances on their own.

This will help Zesco also to account for their generated power because they will be able to approximate how much power is used per month in a particular area and it will help them plan effectively.

This will not disadvantage anyone in anyway because the playing field will be leveled for both the rich and the poor. Everyone will sacrifice and together will pass through this as a country.

I can go on and on but if the government feels this would be a good idea, they can contact me as am read to shade more light on it.


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