A 34 year old woman of Serenje has been apprehended on suspicion of cutting her newly-borne baby into pieces.

Police are still investigating the matter but preliminary findings resulting from a postmortem on the flesh found in the woman’s possession show that it is that of a human being.

The woman, identified as Estella Misela of Chieftainess Serenje in Central Province, now faces a charge of infanticide.

Relatives to the accused alerted police after noticing that her pregnancy weighing around eight months had suddenly disappeared.

Central Province Police Chief Lombe Kamukoshi confirmed that the woman had been apprehended but further details on the matter will only be released after investigations have been concluded.

“I can confirm that we have received that report but we are still investigating the matter and the woman has been remanded in custody,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

The suspect was apprehended as she spread the human flesh on some leaves.

Last year, a woman of Serenje was arrested and later released for lack of evidence to pin her for chopping her baby into pieces and cooking the body parts.

A civic leader who chose anonymity appealed to the police to subject the woman to a medical check-up considering the heinous act committed.

In another development, 32 Mkushi residents have appeared in the magistrates’ court for malicious damage to property and riotous behaviour at the weekend.

They were accused of damaging property belonging to Mkushi Copper School. They were also linked to the theft of mattresses.

Of the 32, only one juvenile pleaded guilty to stealing a mattress while the rest denied the charge.

Disorder erupted in Mkushi over a pupil believed to have gone missing in the area. The pupil was last seen in April this year

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