Most people today don’t know DJ Boogie C, but his life should be a lesson to all, people neglect you to a point where you are homeless. He helped most Zambians market their music, but people neglected him till he died a destitute.

Thats life, i’m glad i shared a moment with him when he told me how his life had been rough, how he had a number of friends during the time he was famous and how the same people ignored him when he got sick, the same people saw watched him homeless, sleeping in corridors and bars, never bothered to do anything, it reached a point where he would beg for money just to eat and drink.

I’m glad in the time i talked to him, i helped him because his situation was really bad. But despite all he went through, he was a jovial person, he wasn’t bitter about how people treated him, he spoke in a calm voice, he never complained, he just told us to look at his life as an example. Thats life,#‎ WhoIsAFriend‬. RIP Choolwe Mbawa.

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