Seven months ago, when hip-hop artiste, Swish’s track, My Department, went viral and even swayed music buffs on such reputable channels as Channel O, everyone reckoned he was just a one of those proverbial one hit wonder.

The video, which premiered on January 14 for the first time, received some massive reviews on GOTV’s Channel O Africa as well as DSTV Channel O, making it one of the finest slams from across the Zambezi after Zone Fam’s Contolola. And only last week, the fast- rising rapper, who was born Farai Muzungaile, unleashed his newest track titled Currently, which has already caught the ears of some of the most established radio disc jockeys in West Africa.

Featuring award-winning rapper and producer, Slap Dee, the genius behind XYZ Entertainment, the song has been receiving some respected airplay on Ghana’s Okay FM and Hitz FM Radio stations. ‘’The single was released on September 11 and has made an impact on radio stations, both locally and abroad,’’ stated Swish, while adding that the single was produced by one of Zambia’s finest engineers and beat makers, Shom-C of Zero DB Studios.

The single talks about the current situation in the country, such as load-shedding, the nose-diving of the Kwacha against other currencies, as well as his once-upon-a-time stumbling blocks in his music career.

Meanwhile in March, prior to the release of My Department, Swish had also put out four other music videos which will be included on his ‘’Mixed-Tape’’ titled FaRaiDAY. The My Department video, which was shot and directed by, Lloydee from Vibrant Media Agency last year, features some of the most happening up and coming artistes such as Cyber King, Lilato and Mustang. Locally, the video has been aired both on Muvi Tv’s The Pipo’s Choice as well as ZNBC’s 3.7 Blaze show hosted by G-Wise. Last year, Swish released some of his most revealing and intriguing tracks on the market which included You Decide and FaRaiDAY under NXT Solutionz.

Just as in the same fashion as Zone Fam’s run-away winning video of Contolola, Swish is keeping his fingers crossed hoping his videos could also in the near future be nominated for the prestigious Channel O awards. At 26, Swish has, but, been one of the trendsetters of hip-hop rap-sauced music that has taken the local music by storm with the likes of Macky II, Yellow Man, Slap D, Chef 187 and Ice Kid doing justice to the music genre.

The womenfolk and the Christian music circles have also not been left out of the buzz because Cleo Ice Queen, Brisky, Mag44 and Tio, have also taken it to another level.

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