NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW is conspiracy theory which alleges that the United States government is on the verge of enacting a national blue law that would make Sunday a day of rest and worship. The theory is based on the idea that the Pope is the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast is worshipped on Sunday. Sinister forces (read: the Vatican) are conspiring to enact a national Sunday law in the United States, which would be the trigger that unleashes the fulfilment of the prophecies found in the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation.
This idea originated within Seventh-Day Adventism (which considers the Sabbath to be Saturday), and some on the fringes of the SDA church have taken a handful of failed Congressional bills and Papal writings and inflated them into the trigger of the apocalypse. This is quite ironic considering that you would think blue law opposition would come from more secular groups.
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Fears about a national Sunday law date almost to the founding of the SDA church. In The Great Controversy, Ellen G. White wrote: “and even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance.”[1] She claimed to have foreseen such a thing in 1844.[2] The most notable attempt at passing a national blue law was in 1888, coincidentally the same year the third edition of The Great Controversy was released. The fourth and last edition in 1911, still containing this national Sunday law teaching, is still in circulation today.
U.S. Senator Henry Blair[3] (R-NH) introduced a national Sunday bill in 1888[2] which thankfully did not pass. Alonzo T. Jones, of the California Conference of the SDA church, spoke before the United States Senate Committee on Education and Labor about the subject.[4] Jones also wrote a book, National Sunday Law, published in 1889.[5]
A century later, parts of John Paul II’s Dies Domini encouraged Sunday rest guarantees from secular government,[6] writing that “my predecessor Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical Rerum Novarum spoke of Sunday rest as a worker’s right which the State must guarantee” and “Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy.”
[edit]Connections to the Antichrist

Some Seventh-Day Adventists got the idea that a national Sunday law was a clear and present danger to their religious freedom.[7] They fear that the Antichrist will unleash great persecution of Sabbath-keepers just before the Second Coming.
The belief tying Sunday blue laws to Bible prophecy and the Antichrist appears to come from White’s The Great Controversy. To quote her again: “Satan himself will personate Christ. […] he claims to have changed the Sabbath to Sunday, and commands all to hallow the day which he has blessed. He declares that those who persist in keeping holy the seventh day are blaspheming his name by refusing to listen to his angels sent to them with light and truth.”[1] Modern SDA ministers like A. Jan Marcussen have continued this association, equating the “beast” of Revelation with the Papacy.[8] He also identifies the Number of the Beast from Revelation 13:18, 666, from the numerical values of the Pope’s presumed title of “Vicarius Filii Dei”; actually, this has never been an official title of the Roman Pontiff. But it sounds enough like one of his official titles, “Vicarius Christi,” to confuse paranoid people.
This fear of a coming national Sunday law became a conspiracy theory and something that must inevitably happen, due to the official church stance on Ellen G. White’s writings as carrying divine authority.[9]
Several books cheaply printed for mass distribution continue to promote fear of a coming national Sunday law, among them National Sunday Law by A. Jan Marcussen[10] and the National Sunday Law Crisis apparently published by Harvestime Books (the purveyors of other fine books on alternate cancer remedies, the adult vaccination crisis, and the like).[11] Marcussen’s book ties other issues into the conspiracy; for example, there is a conspiracy to bring back the death penalty so Sabbath-keepers can be executed once the national Sunday law is enacted. Marcussen’s book has been mysteriously showing up since 1983 in laundromats, phone booths, rest areas, and unsolicited in the mail and usually elicits unintentional lulz from the reader.
Despite the presumed support of an international religious organization with two thousand years of recorded history, and numerous predictions, no such law has been passed in the United States in the one hundred years since it was first mentioned.
[edit]Also consider

Blue laws already exist in many states/countries/municipalities, restricting anything from the sale of alcoholic beverages to, in the past, businesses being open at all on Sunday. What is so special about a national Sunday law that would make it the trigger that sets off the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, when the U.S. was already blanketed with state and local blue laws?
The trend over the past four decades has been to repeal those blue laws. Any attempt today at introducing such a bill in the U.S. Congress for a national law would be laughed at.
Such a law would be blatantly unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause. Even if such a bill passed Congress, it would be immediately stayed by the courts and struck down soon thereafter.
A law requiring businesses to close? In the United States? That might cut into corporate profits! Think of the job creators, somebody. It seems politically impossible.
Such a law would be widely viewed as antisemitic as well as anti-Seventh-day-Adventist.
Belief that such a law is inevitably coming is based on a peculiar interpretation of Bible prophecy and fears dating from the late 1800s that have ossified into a persistent conspiracy theory, not on any real legislative priorities in Congress. A quick look at shows nothing of the sort introduced in Congress in recent years. The closest things have been bills mentioning Sunday premium pay or designating certain Sundays “Drive Safer Sunday” or “Parent’s Day.”
What is so special about the United States that a national Sunday law in the U.S. would trigger the end times? Would a national Sunday law in Thailand, Ukraine, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo also trigger the end times?
Where they get Sunday worship as the mark of the beast is anyone’s guess. (The number of the beast is described in Revelation 13 as 666, and the mark of the beast is described as a physical mark on the hand or forehead.)


About 214 women rescued from Islamist Boko Haram militants in north-east Nigeria are pregnant, according to local media citing the Chief of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). The Nigerian military said it freed nearly 700 women last week.

“Already, many of them are undergoing screening for various diseases, infections including HIV/AIDS and about 214 of those already screened were discovered to be at various stages of pregnancies, some visibly pregnant and some just tested pregnant; but we are supporting all of them with various levels of care to stabilize them,” said UNFPA Nigeria executive director Babatunde Oshotimehin speaking in Lagos.

“Some of the children that were freed along with the women, it was discovered, were born in the forest and had never been out in the open until their release by the Nigerian Army,” Osotimehin said.


He added that the UNFPA has also been providing psychological counseling to the women and children because “…women and girls have specific needs that nobody else looks after.”

“What we found is that some of the women and girls that have come back actually have much more in terms of the stress they have faced, so the counselling has to be more intense and working with them one-on-one,” he added.

In 2014 UNFPA aided over 16, 000 pregnant women who had given birth in camps for internal refugees, Osotimehin also noted.

On Friday, the Nigerian army announced it had secured the release of another 234 women and children who had been held hostage in the Sambisa forest. According to AP, over 677 females were rescued last week from Boko Haram’s stronghold in country’s northeast.

Boko Haram is terrorist group, founded in 2002, whose name means ‘Western education is forbidden.’ It burst into the international spotlight in 2014 after abducting 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, a village in Borno state, with the intention of selling them at markets. The kidnapping sparked protests worldwide and inspired online campaigns supported by prominent politicians who denounced the militants’ actions.

Militants have killed more than 13,000 people over the past six years in an effort to establish an Islamic caliphate in northeastern Nigeria. The group has been carrying out mass kidnappings, massacres and raids after gaining strength following an uprising in 2009. The Nigerian terrorist group has recently demonstrated more pronounced commitment to the Islamic State militants (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), changing its name to ISWAP or Islamic State’s West Africa Province in April.

Boko Haram has giveN South African govt 24 hours to make the Xenophobic attacks come to an end.

Boko Haram has released a tape stating that they are giving South African government 24 hours within which to make the Xenophobic attacks come to an end, Face of Malawi reported.

If South African government does not contain the situation they will execute all South Africans living in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and other surrounding countries, even the South African Embassies in the African countries.

The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) in Malawi yesterday directed the Department of Disaster and Management Affairs (DoDMA) to coordinate the repatriation process of its citizens in South Africa following the Xenophobic attacks.

Malawians were reported to be affected and are in temporary camps in South Africa.

However Zimbabwe’s state-run The Herald newspaper reports today that the government is ready to evacuate its citizens from South Africa in the wake of a string of attacks against foreigners.

Meanwhile the Zambian government says it is yet to decide if Zambians in South Africa will be evacuated.

Yesterday Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili said Zambians have not been affected from the Xenophobic attacks in that Country.


The Proflight Fly5 members are Chef 187, Cleo Ice Queen Kanji, Kiki and James Sakala, who will be travelling with the airline and exploring Zambia in the coming year to give fans a taste of the music, food and culture on offer across the country.

While musicians and performers in their own right, the five will join forces under the Fly5 banner to record songs and music videos that capture the excitement of Zambia’s traditional ceremonies, some of its best-known tourist attractions, adventure and exciting urban sights and sounds.

“Proflight Zambia links people of all ages and backgrounds across the country, and music connects them all too,” said Proflight Marketing Manager, Hellen N. Mwamba. “Fly5 reloaded aims to reach out to existing and future passengers, bringing them together to share the excitement, affordability and convenience of flying with us to some of the most amazing destinations in the country.”

The new Fly5 team follows in the footsteps of the illustrious original Proflight Fly5 group, which was formed in 2013 and comprised of JK, Slap Dee, Pompi, and Cactus Agony along with model Petita Mwanza.

The new group aims to appeal to a wider group of fans.

Chef187, whose real name is Kondwani Kaira, is considered to be one of the most influential artists of the moment. He has been active in the music industry since 2010, and shot to stardom with his much-praised first album.

Rap artist, reality TV star, aspiring actress and model Cleo Ice Queen was a South African Hip Hop awards nominee in 2012 and Big Brother Africa (The Chase) second place housemate in 2013.

Kanji has been on the Zambian music scene since 2014. She had highly successful songs including ‘chi daddy’ early on in her career before putting her music career on hold to focus on being a lawyer. She made a comeback to the music scene with an album titled ‘Zanga’ in 2014.

Kiki is one half of the duo Ben and Kiki, which covers popular songs. Last year she was one of the opening acts for JK’s Telemundo album launch and performed at Zambia’s first International Jazz Festival, the Stanbic Misty Jazz Festival.

James Sakala is a singer and musician who fuses Afro-Jazz with Kalindula, to create faith-driven music with a traditional flavour.

See more at: Mwebantu



Big Brother Africa Evictee Mark Mulaza Kair alias Macky 2 Last night nearly missed the #BBHOTSHOTS after party held at Kong when the Zambian artist was informed about the death of President Michael C. Sata.

Friends close to him who went to attend the finale have said that the artiste was devastated when news reached him that the man who inspired him had died.

It is also said this made the Zambia representative fail to attend the after party as he took time to mourn the late president at the hotel.

Macky 2 during his stay in the house he told Big Brother that President Sata inspired him and was the person he looked up as he was a man who never wanted to give up in life to archive his goals.Macky 2 arrived today in Zambia.



The Uganda maid who was filmed battering that little girl a few weeks ago was in court today Dec. 8th where she pleaded guilty to child abuse.

Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, who was in court with her mum, asked her parents, the girl’s parents and all of Uganda to forgive her.

According to the BBC, the girl’s father Eric Kamanzi broke down in court when Jolly asked for forgiveness. Jolly faces up to 15 years in prison for the crime or a fine of about $400 (£260) or both.

Her case was adjourned to Wednesday December 10th when the judge is expected to sentence her. She was led away in cuffs by prison officers after the session this morning.