2Face Idibia and Wizkid to headline Hennessy Artistry

2face Idibia and Wizkid have been announced as the headliners for this year’s Hennessy Artistry campaign which pairs artists together on new collaborations. 2Face and Wizkid will be working together for the first time and will release their track later in the month.



The Lusaka Boma Local court has heard how a woman of John Laing Township ran away after her husband found her having sex with another man in a bathroom.

Ernest Chama, 40, told the court that in June last year, he caught his wife having sex with Frank Chibuye, 28, also of John Laing Township after a tip off from his children that his wife was having an extra marital affair.

This was a case where Chama sued Chibuye for adultery after he allegedly found him having sex with his wife Nwela Mutale in the couple’s bathroom.

Facts before the court were that Chama and Mutale were married in 1991 and have seven children but in June last year, Chama found his wife Nwela, having sex with Chibuye in the couple’s bathroom after a tip off.

Chama told the court that he was on several occasion told by different people that his wife was having a love affair but he never believed because he trusted his wife so much.

When rumours persisted he decided to lie to his wife that he was going to Kabwe when in fact he was just within Lusaka so that he could catch the wife off guard.

Chama said he managed to catch the two although both of them ran away where they went to stay together to unknown place.

“From the time I found my wife having sex with this man, she deserted the matrimonial home and went to stay with Chibuye,” he said.

In his defence Chibuye admitted that he had sex with Mutale but told the court that she did not tell her that she was married.

He submitted that Mutale was just a woman he considered a sex worker because he met her in a bar adding that he had no plans to marry her.
Chibuye said she was forced to stay with Mutale after the two were caught because she insisted despite being asked to leave him alone.

“I was just helping his wife because she kept on following me after the incident and told me that she was not married and had no place to stay,” he said

In her submission, Mutale told the court that she was not the one who decided to desert her matrimonial home but her husband who chased her after being caught having sex with Chibuye.

She also defended Chibuye saying he could not be blamed for staying with her because it was actually herself who had pleaded with him to live with him after being chased away by the husband.
The matter was since adjourned to August 22, for judgement.

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Police are holding a 36 year old father of Chipili District after he allegedly gave his 3 month old baby kachasu.

Police say the incident happened about a week ago in Fungu Village. According to police, the deceased is identified as Justine Nkunta junior, while the suspect has been identified as Justine Nkunta, 36, of Fungu village in Chief Mutupila’s area in Chipili district.

A police report says the mother of the child, identified as Annie Chungu, 31, had in the morning of the material day gone to the field, leaving the baby in the custody of his father who was at the time drinking kachasu and he allegedly gave some to the child. when Ms Chungu returned home from the field that afternoon, she found that the baby was in an unconscious state, and she quickly informed the police on the matter.

Police officers then rushed to the scene and that a physical inspection of the baby revealed that there were no visible injuries but there was a pungent smell of alcohol emanating from the child’s body.
The child’s body was taken to Mansa General Hospital mortuary where a post-mortem was conducted. The suspect remains in custody waiting trial.

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If you don’t want your relationship to become your nightmare, then don’t waste your time dating or marrying someone who does not love you and who does not respect you.
Any relationship without love and mutual respect will become your nightmare.
Therefore, do your best to avoid such a loveless miserable relationship from the beginning. Don’t wait until you are already trapped in the quagmire of broken promises, conceit, deceit, unfaithfulness, disrespect and insecurity. Just get out of the shit without worsening your predicament.
If you are not happy in any relationship, it is time to get out of it.
Don’t force yourself to continue to bear the apologies and regrets.
Your happiness and security should be your first and foremost priority in every relationship.
Don’t make your relationship another Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” or the earlier “For Better, for Worse” of 1919 by Cecil B. DeMille, because even though millions have been fooled and misled by it in wedding vows, “For Better For Worse” is not biblical and not from the Word of God or Jesus Christ, so it is not a Christian vow and should be deleted from wedding vows, because it has made many unhappy couples to remain trapped and stuck in unhappy relationship or marriage until things go from bad to worse when the victimized lover or spouse should have left and save his or her life from the recurrent nightmares of woes.
Yes “for better or for worse” as contained in the vows that a bride and groom exchange on their wedding day is a promise for the couple to remain married come rain or shine, no matter the consequences of the circumstances of life. But it would be foolish and suicidal to remain married to someone who no longer loves or respects you and when your life is in danger. Please, leave before it is too late.
Love is not by force and marriage is not by force.
But securing your happiness and peace is a must.

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