Singer General Kanene has been arrested for physically assaulting a 32-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Chawama compound, leaving her with a swollen face, black eye and general body pains.
Kanene is detained at Chawama police station but he is likely to be freed by president Edagr Lungu, whom he represents as ambassador on gender issues. He has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, which is just another way o f saying the injuries he caused are serious.
If found guilty, Kanene faces up to five years in jail, and since he is a second offender, leniency is unlikely to be available for him. In a normal country run by a sane president, Kanene’s pardon for his earlier criminal case would be revoked, meaning he would serve that sentence as well.
President Edgar Lungu in July prematurely released Kanene from prison where he was serving an 18-year jail sentence for defilement, and appointed him gender-based violence ambassador.
Four days after his release, Kanene beat up one of his three wives after she allegedly denied him sex, an incident the singer said had happened before he went to prison.
In the current case, Kanene, whose real names are Clifford Dimba, said that the woman was a prostitute who was trying to turnish his “big name”.
When asked why he beat up Modrine Chisenga, Kanene said: “Ayende uko sinimuziba. Obviously chinakolewa, nichi hule. Ine sinikambisana nama hule; yama tibela kuipa nga takolewa (Let her go away, I don’t know her. Obviously she is a prostitute. I don’t talk to prostitutes; they steal from us when we get drunk).”

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Two bomb attacks in north-eastern Nigeria have left at least 42 people dead and more than 100 injured, officials say.
At least 27 people died when a bomb targeted a newly opened mosque in the town of Yola.
Earlier, 15 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Maiduguri.
It is not clear who carried out the bombings but the Islamist militant group Boko Haram has carried out many attacks in the area.
The group has targeted both Christians and Muslims who do not adhere to their ideology.
The first blast, in Maiduguri, occurred early on Friday morning as worshippers arrived for dawn prayers.
An eyewitness told AFP that there was one suicide bomber involved.
The second, larger blast targeted worshippers attending Friday prayers at a newly inaugurated mosque in the Jimeta area of Yola.
Thousands of people have been killed and millions forced to leave their homes by Boko Haram violence in recent years.

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Many people were wounded in Chad on Saturday in a triple bombing targeting a market and refugee camp in the village of Baga Sola, near the Nigerian border, that security sources blamed on the Nigerian-based Islamist militant group Boko Haram.
“We are still collecting the victims. We don’t have a figure yet (for the number of wounded),” a health worker at a hospital in the border town on Lake Chad told Reuters.
Niger, Cameroon and Chad have all suffered a spillover of violence from Boko Haram’s north Nigerian strongholds.
Chad spearheaded a regional offensive earlier this year that drove the Islamist fighters from many of their bases. However, the group has fought back, launching a wave of cross-border attacks and suicide bombings.
“We heard three explosions. The market is on fire right now,” said one of the security sources.
Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon and Chad have agreed to establish an 8 700-strong multinational force to take on the militants, though its formation has been delayed.
Chadian President Idriss Deby has said the force could begin operations later this month


NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW is conspiracy theory which alleges that the United States government is on the verge of enacting a national blue law that would make Sunday a day of rest and worship. The theory is based on the idea that the Pope is the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast is worshipped on Sunday. Sinister forces (read: the Vatican) are conspiring to enact a national Sunday law in the United States, which would be the trigger that unleashes the fulfilment of the prophecies found in the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation.
This idea originated within Seventh-Day Adventism (which considers the Sabbath to be Saturday), and some on the fringes of the SDA church have taken a handful of failed Congressional bills and Papal writings and inflated them into the trigger of the apocalypse. This is quite ironic considering that you would think blue law opposition would come from more secular groups.
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1 History
2 Connections to the Antichrist
3 Also consider
4 You can’t be serious. People really believe this?
5 See also
6 Footnotes

Fears about a national Sunday law date almost to the founding of the SDA church. In The Great Controversy, Ellen G. White wrote: “and even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance.”[1] She claimed to have foreseen such a thing in 1844.[2] The most notable attempt at passing a national blue law was in 1888, coincidentally the same year the third edition of The Great Controversy was released. The fourth and last edition in 1911, still containing this national Sunday law teaching, is still in circulation today.
U.S. Senator Henry Blair[3] (R-NH) introduced a national Sunday bill in 1888[2] which thankfully did not pass. Alonzo T. Jones, of the California Conference of the SDA church, spoke before the United States Senate Committee on Education and Labor about the subject.[4] Jones also wrote a book, National Sunday Law, published in 1889.[5]
A century later, parts of John Paul II’s Dies Domini encouraged Sunday rest guarantees from secular government,[6] writing that “my predecessor Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical Rerum Novarum spoke of Sunday rest as a worker’s right which the State must guarantee” and “Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy.”
[edit]Connections to the Antichrist

Some Seventh-Day Adventists got the idea that a national Sunday law was a clear and present danger to their religious freedom.[7] They fear that the Antichrist will unleash great persecution of Sabbath-keepers just before the Second Coming.
The belief tying Sunday blue laws to Bible prophecy and the Antichrist appears to come from White’s The Great Controversy. To quote her again: “Satan himself will personate Christ. […] he claims to have changed the Sabbath to Sunday, and commands all to hallow the day which he has blessed. He declares that those who persist in keeping holy the seventh day are blaspheming his name by refusing to listen to his angels sent to them with light and truth.”[1] Modern SDA ministers like A. Jan Marcussen have continued this association, equating the “beast” of Revelation with the Papacy.[8] He also identifies the Number of the Beast from Revelation 13:18, 666, from the numerical values of the Pope’s presumed title of “Vicarius Filii Dei”; actually, this has never been an official title of the Roman Pontiff. But it sounds enough like one of his official titles, “Vicarius Christi,” to confuse paranoid people.
This fear of a coming national Sunday law became a conspiracy theory and something that must inevitably happen, due to the official church stance on Ellen G. White’s writings as carrying divine authority.[9]
Several books cheaply printed for mass distribution continue to promote fear of a coming national Sunday law, among them National Sunday Law by A. Jan Marcussen[10] and the National Sunday Law Crisis apparently published by Harvestime Books (the purveyors of other fine books on alternate cancer remedies, the adult vaccination crisis, and the like).[11] Marcussen’s book ties other issues into the conspiracy; for example, there is a conspiracy to bring back the death penalty so Sabbath-keepers can be executed once the national Sunday law is enacted. Marcussen’s book has been mysteriously showing up since 1983 in laundromats, phone booths, rest areas, and unsolicited in the mail and usually elicits unintentional lulz from the reader.
Despite the presumed support of an international religious organization with two thousand years of recorded history, and numerous predictions, no such law has been passed in the United States in the one hundred years since it was first mentioned.
[edit]Also consider

Blue laws already exist in many states/countries/municipalities, restricting anything from the sale of alcoholic beverages to, in the past, businesses being open at all on Sunday. What is so special about a national Sunday law that would make it the trigger that sets off the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, when the U.S. was already blanketed with state and local blue laws?
The trend over the past four decades has been to repeal those blue laws. Any attempt today at introducing such a bill in the U.S. Congress for a national law would be laughed at.
Such a law would be blatantly unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause. Even if such a bill passed Congress, it would be immediately stayed by the courts and struck down soon thereafter.
A law requiring businesses to close? In the United States? That might cut into corporate profits! Think of the job creators, somebody. It seems politically impossible.
Such a law would be widely viewed as antisemitic as well as anti-Seventh-day-Adventist.
Belief that such a law is inevitably coming is based on a peculiar interpretation of Bible prophecy and fears dating from the late 1800s that have ossified into a persistent conspiracy theory, not on any real legislative priorities in Congress. A quick look at shows nothing of the sort introduced in Congress in recent years. The closest things have been bills mentioning Sunday premium pay or designating certain Sundays “Drive Safer Sunday” or “Parent’s Day.”
What is so special about the United States that a national Sunday law in the U.S. would trigger the end times? Would a national Sunday law in Thailand, Ukraine, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo also trigger the end times?
Where they get Sunday worship as the mark of the beast is anyone’s guess. (The number of the beast is described in Revelation 13 as 666, and the mark of the beast is described as a physical mark on the hand or forehead.)


Despite President Robert Mugabe’s unscripted gay outburst in his United Nations General Assembly address Monday, gay activist Chesterfield Samba says he will continue to champion these rights.

Samba is the head of the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, an organisation founded 25 years ago and has had its offices raided and members arrested in the past.

“Despite all these challenges and the speech by President Mugabe on Monday at the United Nations against gays, I will continue to fight for the rights of all our members,” said Samba.

Samba was this week given an award for his courageous efforts in fighting for gay rights in Zimbabwe on the sidelines of the United Nations meeting in New York.

“I feel honoured to be recognized for the work we are doing in Zimbabwe, although the road has not been easy but like any other person in the country we also want our basic human rights respected,” said Samba.

He noted that it was not easy for him to come out of the closet but his family accidentally stumbled upon his communication with GALZ of which he was a member.

He said his father confronted him asking why he was a member of that organisation prompting him to share his secret and come out.

“After I came out my family was very supportive and have been ever since. I feel free to live the life I have always wanted to without fear of rejection or condemnation from those close to me. I no longer get questioned about why I prefer men or am not married yet,” said Samba

Samba said despite some challenges he faces in Zimbabwe for being gay, he will continue to fight to protect and advance the dignity and human rights of the Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgender community.

Samba said he would be in the U.S capitol Washington, Wednesday to conduct meetings with organisations fighting for gay rights and other officials, before returning to Zimbabwe.


The decision granting Oscar Pistorius early release from prison to go to house arrest was cancelled Monday and referred back to a parole board to be reconsidered.

In the latest delay in the drawn-out saga over whether Pistorius should be allowed to leave jail early, a parole review board ruled that the double-amputee Olympian’s case should be considered all over again, South Africa’s Department of Corrections said.

The independent review board also said Pistorius should be “subjected to psychotherapy” as part of his parole conditions, even if it’s decided that he can be released early, the corrections department said in a statement.

Pistorius’ lawyer Brian Webber said he had been informed of the decision to refer the case back to the parole board but had no more details. The corrections department didn’t say when Pistorius’ case would be looked at again.

It likely means that Pistorius will at least remain in prison until after Nov. 3, when prosecutors still seeking a murder conviction against the runner appeal to South Africa’s Supreme Court.

Pistorius was acquitted of murder last year and instead found guilty of a lesser charge of culpable homicide for shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. He has served nearly a year of his five-year prison sentence. He was eligible to be moved to house arrest after serving 10 months and initially cleared to leave Kgosi Mampuru II prison in Pretoria on Aug. 21.

However, South Africa’s justice minister intervened, suspended the decision on a legal technicality and ordered a review.

At next month’s Supreme Court appeal, Pistorius faces the possibility of a 15-year jail sentence if a panel of five judges agrees with prosecutors that he should have been found guilty of murder for shooting Steenkamp through a toilet door in his home.