A 24-YEAR-OLD National Institute of Public Administration student on Thursday scalded her friend over eyeliner.
Beatrice Sichamba burnt Jennifer Mutale with hot water in the early hours of Thursday after she (Mutale) decided to use her eyeliner.
According to eyewitnesses, Sichamba and Mutale had not been getting along for a while.
“It is very strange how some of these things happen…one would even wonder the way women behave. These two have not been getting along for some time and we all know that there was friction between them. What happened was that they both woke up and started preparing themselves to go to class, but Jennifer was the first one to finish preparing herself and she decided to use Beatrice’s eyeliner,” Aaron Ngoma, a student, said. “Beatrice was not happy to see her friend using her eyeliner and so she asked her to stop but Jennifer insisted on using it.”
Ngoma said Sichamba became upset and started beating Mutale, and later poured hot water on her.
“Mutale was immediately rushed to the University Teaching Hospital where she was seen and later discharged because I think the burns were not that grave. Right now as we are speaking, they are at the police station giving statements because Beatrice was released on bond yesterday (Thursday) because she had an exam today (Friday),” said Ngoma.
And UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga confirmed that Mutale was attended to by the hospital and discharged immediately.
Zambia Police deputy public relations officer Rae Hamoonga also confirmed that the matter had been reported to police.
“Right now I am just waiting for the details, but the matter has been reported,” said Hamoonga.