It’s sad that prostitutes work knowing that they are HIV Positive.Sex Workers like Queenie Lungful try to make a living in border crossing towns (Chirundu Border) where there is little economic opportunity. Queenie is fully aware of her HIV status (HIV Positive) but she doesn’t disclose her HIV Status to her clients because she says that if she tells them that she is HIV Positive they won’t be no business.
Only last week she slept with over 50 men and only used condoms with 5 and this simply means that 45 are now infected. Please note this is only one week, after one month at this rate 180 men will be infected. Also note that most of these people are married so their partners are more likely to be infected too. That’s double the 180=360. So in simpler mathematics Queenie is spreading HIV to at least 360 people per month.
Some of their clients are truck drivers who tend to blame the slow clearance at border post leaving them with no option besides trying to entertain themselves by drinking and having sex with these prostitutes.
Mwansa Chileshe another sex worker says she tells her clients that she is HIV Positive but most of her clients don’t believe her because she looks fit and health. Mansa says most of the men don’t like using condoms because the men always say “these things are not good and God did not create them”. Mansa says she gets worried but she doesn’t have any option because she is too poor ” what can you do, you are hungry, you don’t have soap, your kids want clothes then you just have sex risking your life”
Efforts to combat the spread of HIV, such as condom availability, HIV counseling and Testing have grown in the past 10 years in Africa. Another program called the One Stop Border Post; aims to increase economic trade by cutting wait times at border crossings. It may also help stem the number of liaisons between lingering truckers and sex workers.
Ladies and Gentlemen I took my time to write this article so that you really understand what’s going on in Zambia and our neighboring countries. Aids is there and people are dying daily because of this deadly disease so please be careful, always use a condom and abstain if possible. Details in the video below : ( download Or Stream )

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In Lusaka the use of witchcraft in prostitution is increasing with the need of the sex workers to be ahead of their competitors in the market thus many will get desperate to stay ahead of the competition and in this way resort to using charms and other unconventional ways to lure clients, so if you feel the urge to go to a sex worker in Lusaka be very careful you might never know you are being charmed by them.
A sex worker confessed that she now use charms to attract men in Lusaka Kalingalinga area.
In an interview with source,Rose said that she visits a witch doctor in Mansa who has given her amulets to wear that gives her powers to attract any man to her, she confessed to source that a night she can make up to K600 from her clients and that she is constructing a four bedroom house in Mutendere area all from her lucrative prostitution work.

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A woman of Kuku compound has explained how her husband left  her in preference for a local protitute

Theresa Chijilo 20 told the reporter that her husband Joseph chinyemba  has an insatiable appetite for prostitutes a habit which he said forced him to abandon her.

“My husband left me for a prostitute because of his addictions to such,” she explained

Theresa said her husband told her that she stinks and that as a result he lost his appetite for her and decided to cohabit with a prostitute.

“Even before we separated he never used to give me enough money to buy essentials and I just wonder how he came up with such accusations when he couldn’t even buy soap,” lamented Theresa.

Theresa further said she found her husband having sex with a prostitute on their bed.

She said after confrontation, he openly warned her against beating his lover claiming that his lover was a better dancer and performer in bed.

She has since threatened to leave her husband for fear of contracting stds such as HIV.

Theresa further recounted how her husband kicked her out of their home for no apparent reason and later sneaked in with a girl.

“My neighbors told me that he brought different women in my absence,” she added

She said that despite suing him for child maintenance, he has not shown any commitment for support.

Theresa also claims that her husband was a stingy man who never showed her payslip and worse still never revealed his salary in the two years that they had been together.

“His mother is the only one who know how much he gets paid because he used to take the whole salary to her,” she said.

when contacted for a comment Chinyemba said there was no way he could continue to live with a woman who used to verbally abuse him and had no respect for him.


“It is not true that I love prostitutes but it is her lack of respect that drove me out of the house,” he said.

Chinyemba added that Theresa was a drunkard who used to neglect their two year old daughter a situation that he couldn’t tolerate.

” she is uncultured and brings issues that are of bedroom nature to the attention of neighbors,” he said.

Chinyemba further said that he has no regrets for leaving

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A Bulawayo woman who earns a living through “selling her body” reportedly disappeared lost sexual organ after she had sex with a married elderly man.

Janet Mudimba (29) of Mbundane suburb is failing to pass urine following the incident which happened on Thursday last week.

Her neighbours said they suspected ulunyoka (traditional juju used to punish a spouse who cheats) is responsible.

“The morning after sleeping with the man, she started scratching her genitals incessantly saying they were itchy. At first she was doing it secretly but as the day progressed, she was doing it openly and frantically. Later, she told us that her private parts had disappeared and she could not pass urine,” said one of the neighbours.

Mudimba in a telephone interview from Binga in Matabeleland North, where she has gone to seek a traditional healer to cure her, confirmed the incident.

“Yes it is true I cannot pass urine but my organ has not disappeared, it is just swollen shut. I suspect an elderly man that I slept with had been fenced by his wife,” said Mudimba.

She said the man had paid her $50 for unprotected sex.

Mudimba said she was appealing for the man or his wife wherever they were to come to her aid.

“I make a living selling my body and I want to apologise to the woman whose husband I slept with. I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me and set me free from this painful affliction,” she said