Many have concluded that Zambia has seen a decline in industry in the music sector. With huge potential in the market, conclusions point out for a new organisation to manage the industry, and bring it back to age with future plans to develop. Consumers have realised that a download file costs less than a physical CD that has to be manufactured and shipped. With the margins small, it allows an artist to earn more revenue.

ZeeMusic LTD, a UK based company that works with Zambian upcoming musicians, has sourced ways in which they can build their musicians and equipped them in developing their talents within the industry. Run by a Zambian, Mulenga Jasmine Kasoma, who has extensive knowledge in the Music Industry Management – her mission is to prepare Zambian artists, and to get their music on a universal platform.

She says, “the music industry was very strong pre-2008, but now that technology is advancing at a very fast level, it is very important that the Zambian music industry grows with it in able to maximise their exposure and profits”. Having said that, Mulenga has released a compilation album which features her artists and is platformed on over 20 major platforms such as Sony, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. At the same time, download cards have been introduced in order to take over the phase of manufacturing CD’s. “I introduced Download Cards in place of producing CDs, as so many consumers are purchasing music through digital platforms such as Google Music and iTunes. Download Cards allow you to purchase a physical card that includes a unique code that is entered in a PC/Tablet/Phone, and allows you to download the album or single content without the use of entering card details as what is required on the digital platforms.”

ZeeMusic is hoping to put upcoming and current musicians on a platform so that they can be globally recognised and paid for what they do. Mulenga concludes, “I want Zambian musicians to realise that being a musician in a full-time job, and just like any other employee, you have the right to get paid. It requires each one to work hard in order for them to reap what they sow, and we really do have to work together if we want to bring the Zambian music industry back in the market”. ZeeMusic has currently started a campaign to Push Zed Forward, which is a campaign to re-establish the Zambian Music Industry and bring it back!#PushZedForward 

ZeeMusic is also currently working with a number of key record labels, and companies in developing their artists. For more information check out http://www.zeemusic.co.uk, and http://www.facebook.com/zeemusiczed.

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