DANCE HALL Zambian artiste Michelo Siavwapa better known as Shyman is this October expected to release his latest album entitled love and reality.

He tells DStv entertainment that he has so far released two singles that that are’ hitting’ the air waves on most radio stations in the country.

“I am working on my new album which will be titled love and reality which should be out in October this year. So far I have released two singles namely let them talk and take my hand featuring Roberto,” he says.

The dreadlocked artiste says in his quest to put his music signature to an international level, he will incorporate foreign artistes from Uganda and Namibia.

The fendela fenduze singer says his latest album will mainly comprise of songs that preaches on love, marriage, peace and co-existence.

“As we celebrate our jubilee this October, there is need for us as musicians to unite and spread love among our fans… we need to cherish the peace that we have continued to enjoy for the past 50 years,” notes Shyman.

He bemoaned the increase on pirated music that has continued to flood the streets, despite the introduction of holograms that are affixed to genuine products.

“This issue of piracy is really killing the industry because as artistes we put in all our resources in order to come up with an album,” says Shyman.

Twitter: @Afrochoonez
Facebook: Afrochoonez

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