Mag44 and Fiance Chipo

2013 has really been the year of Mag44 as the world has really grown to love the young conscious rapper. With the dropping his album Jiju, which was very much respected by the Zambian public and critics. Forging on, Mag44 also opened for the much anticipated and controversial Ice Prince concert where the crowd went crazy for his hits “Shipikisha Club” and “Me I Beat”.

However, this weekend Mag44 has a different reason to celebrate as he took his Fiance of 3 months now, Chipo, to Kitwe to meet his family there and it appears she was received well. The young hit maker posted the following on message on his Facebook fanpage for his over 10,000 fans to see:

Mag44 PostPopping the question may be a challenge on it’s but many men have looked at the introduction your future wife to your family as one of the greatest challenges in the marital process. Now it appears the man Mag has jumped that hurdled and is one the final sprint down the aisle. Joining the many fans that have commented on his status and his announcement, we at the scene would also like to wish Mag44 the best of luck in his future marriage. Now we wait to see Pompi join the “shipikisha Club”.

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